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Split songs, demix music, and separate stems with our AI-based tool: private and unlimited use in your browser or on your Android phone

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Freemusicdemixer PRO

This website is the PRO offering of with paid subscriptions for advanced music demixing AI models that run locally and privately in your browser or on your Android phone. On the PRO site and app, the only use of your personal data is to deliver your paid content. Your files and data are all processed privately on your device. Refer to our privacy policy.

We are excited to announce the Android app “Music Demixer” has launched - install it from the Play Store today!

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The same subscription gets you access to pro content on both the web app and Android app!


Why pay for this product? What do you get?

All of the demixing on this site is powered by the high-quality Demucs Hybrid Transformer model. ⚠️ By using this site, you acknowledge that your usage of the outputs respects the Meta AI Research Academic/non-commercial licenses ([1], [2])!

Having been involved in music demixing since 2021, I found that:

In the current AI world where “bigger is better,” I care about smaller and faster! I bring powerful AI models to your devices, running offline, privately, and with a low memory footprint. This website and the Android app are the easiest way to run the best and latest Demucs-based music demixing models and ensembles available today, all running privately, directly on your device, with unlimited usage!

The paid models incorporate the latest research from the 2023 Sound Demixing Challenge to improve the separation quality as measured by the industry standard SDR score (Signal-to-Distortion Ratio):


Execution times

4-minute song, Firefox, 8 workers/32 GB RAM

Free 4s: 4 min
Karaoke: 8 min
Pro fine-tuned: 16 min
Pro custom: 24 min
Pro deluxe: 32 min

Demo clips

Segments extracted from the song Periphery - Icarus Lives to showcase our paid models:






Vocals (Pro Deluxe, Karaoke)

Drums (Pro Deluxe)

Bass (Pro Deluxe)

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⚠️ It is highly recommended that you start with the free tier or a free trial to ensure that the site is working correctly on your computer before upgrading to a higher tier.

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